Welcome to Lunastiks

It's a whole new world out there.............

The Lunastiks are a creation of author
Tracey Hunt.

Tracey, who spends most of her time working the 'land' uses her spare time to write children's books.
Her creations have great appeal to the fertile and hungry imaginations of children, worldwide.



Hi! my name is Tracey,

Thank you for joining me as I get to express the thoughts that first originated with me about 10 years ago but I feel must have existed in the imaginations of children long before that.


With the help of friends and family along the way at last the characters are magically brought to life.

The creative process never ends as each character develops with each adventure.

I hope your children enjoy the colourful and delightful array of inhabitants of Lunaland, affectionately known as Lunastiks, as much as I have creating them.

In each children's book I have incorporated a simple moral or lesson that can be used in everyday life, hopefully to aid in the learning process that starts in the young child with the sometimes frustrating but joyful process of growing up.